This Scams Awareness Week we're launching our updated brochure.

Our updated brochure - Fraud, Cybercrime and Scams - is for people who have experienced a scam or become the victim of fraud.

Fraud, cybercrime and scams

November 8 to 12 is Scams Awareness Week across Australia. In 2020 there were 444,164 scam reports made to Scamwatch, ACORN, ReportCyber and Australia's top 10 financial institutions.

We worked closely with SAPOL's Financial and Cybercrime Investigation Branch to update our booklet with more information around:

  • some of the warning signs
  • scammer tactics
  • romance and relationship scams
  • protecting yourself.

Many people who experience a scam never report it to anyone - people often feel embarrassed or ashamed - but they are still victims of a crime.

Even the most careful people can become victims of fraud and are left feeling emotionally violated as well as financially crippled.