Parole is when an offender is released from prison before their sentence ends and serves the rest of their sentence in the community.

If you are listed on the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) Victim Register, you can make a submission to the Parole Board before the prisoner is released.

The Commissioner for Victims' Rights makes a submission to the Parole Board whenever a murderer or life-sentenced prisoner applies for release on parole.

Parole Board of South Australia

The Parole Board is an independent body who:

  • hears parole applications and decides whether a prisoner is released on parole
  • sets parole conditions
  • monitors those on parole
  • hears breaches of parole conditions
  • undertakes prisoner reviews.

The Parole Board cannot re-sentence a prisoner.

See the DCS website for more information about the Parole Board.

What to include in a parole submission

A parole submission can include any safety concerns you might have. This could be things like:

  • you're worried the prisoner will try to contact you
  • you can request that certain locations or areas be noted in their conditions as 'restricted areas' for the prisoner
  • you have outstanding issues that are relevant for the Parole Board (eg copies of restraining orders, Family Court orders etc)

You can contact VOCSA if you need help with your parole submission.

Transcript (DOCX, 16.6 KB)

How to make a submission

You can make a submission to the Parole Board by writing to:

Parole Board of South Australia
181 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 08 8224 2555

You can also make a submission to the board in person.

When a prisoner gets parole

If the prisoner gets parole and your name is on the Victim Register, you will be told:

  • their release date
  • anything they must or must not do
  • if they have to stay away from you and what happens if they come near you.