As a victim of crime, you can find out information about the offender. To get this information you will need to be registered on a Victim Register.

There are three different registers you can apply to, depending on the type of crime committed and the offender.

Department for Correctional Services - Victim Register

The Victim Services Unit in the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) maintains a Victim Register.

Registered victims are entitled to certain information if the offender is:

  • in prison
  • serving a Community Service Order
  • serving a Bond.

How to register

You can apply online to have your name placed on the register at the Department for Corrections website.

You can also download and print out a form to fill in by hand.

If you are having trouble, you can contact the Victim Services Unit on 1800 370 550.

Only the Victim Services Unit and the Parole Board have access to your details. The person who committed the crime cannot get hold of your details.

What information am I entitled to?

If the offender is serving a Community Service Order or Bond, you can apply for certain information.

  • If the offender was ordered to undertake community service, you can be told whether they completed the community service
  • if the offender was subject to a bond, you can be told whether the conditions of the bond were complied with.

If the offender is in prison, you can find out:

  • the name of the prison
  • the length of the sentence and release dates
  • security classifications
  • if they apply for parole and are released
  • if they are transferred to another state in Australia
  • if they escape from custody and when they return to custody
  • if the offender dies during their sentence.

Some prisoners are eligible for certain pre-release programs. This could include:

  • home detention
  • education
  • employment
  • other programs to prepare to return to society.

Before a prisoner is able to participate in any of these programs, staff from the DCS will contact you. They will tell you what is involved in the program and will discuss any conditions or restrictions that need to be made.

Your comments are very important in helping DCS decide what sort of conditions the prisoner may have to go into the community.

Forensic Mental Health Victim Register

Forensic Mental Health provides services to offenders who are considered mentally impaired to have committed the offence, or mentally unfit to stand trial.

The Victim Register Coordinator maintains a Victim Register and will notify registered victims about key information including:

  • court decisions relating to forensic offenders
  • prospective release dates
  • escapes from detention and re-admissions
  • when the offender's term in detention or under supervision ends.

The Coordinator will also let you know about your rights - such as the right to make submissions about the possible release or grant of leave to a forensic offender.

To register or make an enquiry, contact (08) 7425 6282.

Youth Justice Victim Register

The South Australian Department for Human Services creates and maintains a Victims Register for victims of offences by a young person aged between 10 and 18.

The young person must have been sentenced to:

  • home detention
  • detention
  • imprisonment.

Learn more about youth justice.