If someone you love or care about has been killed in a road crash, you may be experiencing intense grief. You might feel overwhelmed or helpless.

What happens now?

Generally, after someone has died in a road crash, the person’s body will be taken to Forensic Science SA if they died in Adelaide.

In regional areas they may be taken to a local hospital or funeral home but will be taken to Forensic Science SA for a post-mortem.

The police investigators or the Victim Contact Officer from the Major Crash Investigation Section, will make contact with the next of kin to help and provide information.

Police investigations

All fatal road crashes in South Australia are investigated by the South Australia Police on behalf of the State Coroner.

The police will investigate a road crash to try and establish the circumstances of the collision and determine if there are any criminal charges.

A police officer will be assigned to oversee the investigation. The investigating officer is there to keep you informed.

Sometimes a police investigation won’t result in someone being charged with a criminal offence. This might be because the deceased driver was at fault or there is just not enough evidence for a criminal charge to proceed.

Getting support

There are a number of formal and informal services that can help you deal with your grief.

The Road Trauma Support Team of SA (RTST) offers free counselling with a qualified trauma counsellor to anyone affected by road trauma.

Information for people affected by road trauma

This booklet provides information about what happens next, legal processes and coping with grief