We produce a range of helpful booklets and resources for victims that have information about what to expect and how to cope with being a victim of a crime.

You can download them here.

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Information for victims of crime

South Australia Police provide this booklet to everyone who has experienced a crime. It includes helpful information about:

  • the criminal justice system
  • your rights as a victim of crime
  • support services available.

Download the booklet (PDF, 511.8 KB)

Information for victims of sexual assault

This booklet provides key information about surviving a sexual assault including:

  • some of the myths and facts about sexual assault
  • the emotional and psychological impacts
  • medical and legal options.

Download the booklet (PDF, 3.3 MB)

Information for people affected by road trauma

This is a guide for people who have been affected by a road crash that has resulted in a death. It covers:

  • some of the immediate practical things to think about
  • dealing with grief
  • where to get help.

Download the booklet (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Information for people affected by homicide

Nothing can prepare you for when a loved one is killed, but this booklet provides important information about:

  • coping with trauma
  • the criminal justice process
  • available support services.

Download the booklet (PDF, 3.4 MB)

Victim Impact Statements

Victims of crime can use this editable PDF to download and complete their Victim Impact Statements. There is a range of helpful guidance included to make it easier to write a VIS.

Download the form (PDF, 928.5 KB)

Information for family and friends when a loved one is affected by homicide

This brochure provides important guidance around how to best support a friend or family member who is affected by homicide, including some practical tips about helping children and young people.

Download the booklet (PDF, 213.2 KB)

Information for people bereaved by suicide

This booklet provides important information about coping with a sudden, unexpected death like a suicide, including:

  • how to cope with grief and loss
  • dealing with practical issues
  • a list of helpful services.

Download the booklet (PDF, 316.6 KB)

Information for family and friends when a loved one is missing

This booklet provides helpful information about what to do when a loved one goes missing, including what you can do to help and how to look after yourself.

Download the booklet (PDF, 349.7 KB)

Forensic procedures: information for victims or volunteers

Sometimes you may be asked to provide a DNA sample as a victim, or as someone who had been at a crime scene. This brochure outlines your rights and what to expect during a forensic procedure.

Download the booklet (PDF, 324.5 KB)

Coronial process

The sudden death of a loved one can bring both emotional and practical difficulties. This booklet explains the coronial process and what to expect.

Download the booklet (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Fraud, cybersecurity and scams

This booklet talks about different types of scams, the warning signs and what to do next if you are the victim of a scam.

Download the booklet (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Resources for children and young people

These two books include useful information for children and young people who have to go to court and present evidence as witnesses.

Going to court - An important job

For children, going to court is likely to be confusing and scary. This activity book makes the process less intimidating and includes some fun activities that explain what's expected.

Download the booklet (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Going to court

Going to court can be overwhelming for young people. This booklet answers many of the questions young people will have about giving evidence, explaining the people involved and how the process works.

Download the booklet (PDF, 1.7 MB)