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Information for Victims of Crime


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The physical and emotional impact of crime can be devastating both for those who are harmed and for their families and friends. No matter what the crime or circumstances in which it was committed, it may diminish the victim's sense of control and self-worth. Those not directly affected by the crime often can't understand how difficult the recovery can be.
Part of this difficulty can arise from having to negotiate the unique structures and language of the legal system. This website is designed to help by providing a description of those structures.
The website contains a statement of the rights of victims. The State Government has sought to emphasise and protect those rights and provide support throughout the legal process, while at the same time ensuring that the essential principles of justice are maintained.
Family, friends and carers will have different reactions and different support and information needs. Some of the information they need may be found in this website, or through some of the services listed in the Who Can Help section.
You might have suffered a wrong, but not every wrong is a crime. For example, someone could have misused their power or betrayed a trust. If you have been wronged, but no crime has been committed, you should seek legal advice about your rights.
Contact the Commissioner for Victims' Rights:
Phone: (+61 08) 8204 9635
Fax: (+61 08) 8207 1736
Email: voc@agd.sa.gov.au
Post: GPO Box 464
Adelaide, SA, 50

Last Modified: 31 January 2012
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