As a victim of crime, you have a right to be treated fairly by all South Australian public agencies and officials.

You have a right to complain if you are not happy about the way you have been treated.

Making a complaint

  1. Talk to the person you are dealing with about the problem. Many complaints are sorted out quickly and easily.
  2. If you are still not satisfied, talk to the agency staff and use their complaints process. You can get a support person to help you make the complaint.
  3. If you are still not satisfied after the complaint has been looked at, you can contact the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights. The Commissioner can help you with your complaint and tell you what can be done about it.

The Commissioner can recommend public officials and public agencies make a written apology if you haven’t been treated properly.

You should first contact the Victim Contact Officer or a supervising officer at your local police station.

You can also contact the Office for Public Integrity which handles all police complaints.

If you are not satisfied with the response you can contact:

The Commissioner of Police
GPO Box 1539
Adelaide SA 5001

See the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions website for more information about making a complaint.

For complaints about the Supreme Court of South Australia you should write to:

The Honourable Chief Justice
301 King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000

For complaints about the District Court of South Australia you should write to:

His Honour the Chief Judge
GPO Box 2465
Adelaide SA 5001

For complaints about the Magistrates Courts in South Australia you should write to:

The Chief Magistrate
PO Box 6115 Halifax Street
Adelaide SA 5000