Claim for Funeral cost and grief payment in homicide cases

You can use this form if there has been a homicide and you have paid the funeral bill, and/or you are claiming a grief payment because the person killed was your spouse/partner1 or child under 18. Funeral accounts are paid in full up to a maximum of $7 000. The grief payment is fixed by law at $10 000 (for spouse) or $10 000 (for child), which will be equally divided between the surviving parents.

Name of offender [if known] OR Police Incident Report [PIR] number2

Please select applicable options:

2 The police would have given you or a member of your family a boo klet with information for victims of crime. The police report number is on the back.

You can claim a grief payment for the death of a de facto partner if you were li ving together when the offence occurred and you had been living together for the previous five years, or a total of five out of the last six years, or you had a child together.