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Who Can Help?


Support Services for Victims - South Australia


Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS)
A service to assist older people who have experienced any form of abuse from family, friends or anyone close to them. ARAS will support the older person to access the help he or she needs to stop further abuse from occurring.

Metropolitan callers phone (08) 8232 5377 during office hours

Country callers phone 1800 80 20 30 during office hours


Child Abuse Report Line

This is a 24 hour number for notifications of child abuse.

Phone 13 14 78 at any time


Child Protection Services
Child Protection Services at the Women's and Children's Hospital promotes the best outcome for abused and neglected children and young people. The CPS aims to provide the highest quality assessment and treatment services, and make children feel as safe and comfortable as possible when they attend the CPS.
Phone (08) 8161 7346 during office hours or (08) 8161 7000 after hours.
There is also a Child Protection Unit at the Flinders Medical Centre, which can be contacted by phoning (08) 8204 5511.

Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends is an organisation which offers support to bereaved parents irrespective of the age of the child at death or the manner of death.

Phone (08) 8351 0344


Coroners Court Social Worker
The Coroners Court Social Worker provides counselling and support in the time following a person's death. This may include information about helping children cope with death. The social worker also provides information on the Coroners Court and helps with preparations for inquests.

Phone (08) 8204 0621 during office hours


Department for Correctional Services Customer Support Services
The Victim Support Unit in the Department for Correctional Services maintains the Victim Register. The Department also runs programs to raise offenders' awareness of the impact their actions had on victims. The Unit also provides victims with the opportunity to have their say when the Department makes decisions on home detention and other forms of pre-release.

Phone (08) 8226 9067 during office hours


Domestic Violence Helpline

This is a domestic (family) violence helpline for anyone, male or female, who would like to speak to a person who understands domestic (family) violence. This service is available Statewide.

Phone 1800 80 00 98 at any time


Domestic Violence Crisis Service

The Domestic Violence Crisis Service provides:
• information about financial assistance, moving house, police, legal procedures, and court matters
• telephone counselling
• professional short-term face-to-face counselling
• advocacy
• support for women.
They can help you find safe accommodation if you need it.
Women do not have to be experiencing violence currently in order to use this service. Help is available throughout, and after, the experience of domestic (family) violence.

Phone 1800 80 00 98 during office hours.

TTY (TELEPHONE TYPEWRITER) is available, but a minute or two of patience is required whilst a worker transfers the call to TTY.


DPP Witness Assistance Service

The Witness Assistance Service is part of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. It provides information about, and support during, the legal process, and referral to relevant services for victims of crime and their close family members or carers. The Witness Assistance Service (Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions) is only involved where the Director of Public Prosecutions has involvement in the case.

Phone (08) 8207 1529 during office hours


Homicide Victims Support Group

The Homicide Victims Support Group is a mutual support group for families and friends whose loved ones have been murdered.

Phone the Loss and Grief Centre on (08) 8305 9670 or after hours on 0438 867 408.


Police Victim Contact Officers

Victim contact officers can provide victims with information about their case or compensation, and can link them to the prosecution authorities and other sections of the police force. They help to protect victims' rights and can provide referrals to victim support agencies.
You can visit the SA Police website at for information on a variety of services, including the Sex Crime Investigation Branch, which can be found under 'S' in the 'sitemap'.

Phone your Police Local Service Area office, listed in the White Pages of the phone book.


Victim Support Service
The Victim Support Service is a non-government, non-profit organisation that provides many services for victims of crime, their family and friends, and for the wider community. These include counselling, provision of information about victims' rights and criminal injuries compensation, court support and support groups.
Help with interpreters can be organised. Services are confidential. 
The Victim Support Service now has offices in country South Australia, please see the contact list below for your nearest office.

Metropolitan callers phone (08) 8231 5626 or 1800 182 368 during office hours. A message can be left on the answering machine after hours.

Country callers please phone the closest office from the list below:

Mt Gambier - (08) 8723 2968          email to
Murray Bridge - (08) 8531 3987     email to
Port Augusta - (08) 8641 1115       email to
Port Lincoln - (08) 8683 0111         email to
Port Pirie - (08) 8633 4888              email to
Riverland - (08) 8582 2801              email to 
Whyalla - (08) 8645 2077                email to 

General email address


Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service
Yarrow Place provides a variety of services for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted and for their partners, families and friends. Services are for people aged 16 years and over at the time of the rape or sexual assault. People aged under 16 years should contact the Child Protection Services of either the Women's and Children's Hospital or the Flinders Medical Centre.
Services include a 24 hour crisis response service for recent rape or sexual assault. This can include medical care, forensic medical examinations, counselling and advocacy.
Yarrow Place also provides follow-up medical care and ongoing counselling, training for workers, prevention programs, a group work and seminar program, and systems advocacy.
Yarrow Place conducts free seminars about the criminal justice system for people who have experienced a rape or sexual assault.

Metropolitan callers phone (08) 8226 8777 during office hours, (08) 8226 8787 outside of office hours

Country callers can call 1800 81 74 21 anytime.

Last Modified: 31 January 2012