Message from the Attorney-General

Despite the fall in reported crime, the statistics still show too many people become victims of crime. The effects of crime can be devastating. Victims often suffer a range of psychological and social injuries long after their physical wounds have healed or their property has been replaced or repaired. It is important that those victims who want help, get it. It is also important that victims know their rights.


The Information for Victims of Crime booklet provides information about victims’ rights, coping with the effects of crime, and the criminal justice system for adult and young offenders. It also includes information about state-funded victim compensation and a directory of services to help victims deal with the effects of crime.


It was once cliché to call victims of crime ‘the forgotten people’ in our criminal justice system. Thankfully that is no longer true. Victims of crime have a critical role to play in our criminal justice system. Without their willingness to report crime, to co-operate with investigators and prosecutors and to testify in court, it is likely that our criminal justice system would crumble.


Whether you are a victim or a person assisting a victim, this booklet answers some of the most common questions I hear from victims, their families and friends. It would be impractical to answer all your questions in one booklet, so I urge you to ask the police, the prosecutor or other public official who can follow-up on questions of particular interest to you.


Should you feel the trauma is overwhelming you might seek professional assistance. Organisations such as the Victim Support Service, Road Trauma Support Team and Rape and Sexual Assault Services can support you. There are also specialist services such as the Child Protection Services and various domestic violence services, as well as self-help groups, for example, the Homicide Victims Support Group.

If you are reading the booklet (or this website) as a victim of crime, I regret that you have become a victim. I cannot undo the crime but I hope this booklet helps as you come to terms with what has happened and that you will once again feel safe, secure and supported.

John Rau

Deputy Premier

Last Modified: 31 January 2012